Live the Plunge House® lifestyle in our exclusive members only facility.

Welcome to the 1%, where the status quo is left behind and the next level is discovered. A house dedicated to elevating the status quo, fostering growth in mind and body.

Plunge House® Member Benefits

Unparalleled Wellness

Dedicated to recovery and mental well-being through the practice of contrast therapy. Our house brings you the ultimate recovery experience utilizing a combination of sauna, cold and hot plunge. We believe in igniting your senses through sound, smell, sight, feel and above all the dips!

Member-Only Access

Enjoy members-only access to our events, locker room, sauna, plunge room, hot tea bar and coworking patio. Members get an exclusive code for session entry along with a house that’s always welcoming with a dose of both hot and cold.

Tailored To You

Plunge House is both your gracious host and creative coach. Free from constraints and personalized to your very needs. Every detail, amenity, and regimen has been carefully created with you in mind. And it’s all under one roof, yours.

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