House Access

Membership perks include exclusive bookings for session times with an individualize code to enter our house door.

Plunge Attire

The House rules apply and we encourage you to dress to your comfort level. Most members prefer to sweat in a towel and cold plunge in workout attire.


We honor you with a designated session time in the Plunge Room consisting of 30 minutes in your individualized pod. We recommend you arrive 20 minutes prior to enjoy the sauna and full amenities available to you.

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Everything you need to leave feeling .

Hot, Cold, Rest Repeat.

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Member Exclusive Perks

  • Steam Rock Sauna
  • Towel Service
  • Vitamin-C Showers
  • Full Service Beauty Bar
  • Hot Tea Bar
  • Member Code Entry Access
  • Individualized Locker
  • Welcome Home Experience


The Plunge Experience

Upon entering our house, with your personalized member access code you will be welcomed to enjoy a cup of tea while stepping into your locker room.

Step into the full experience by starting with our steam rock sauna or vitamin-C shower located in your house locker room. We recommend 10-15 minutes in the sauna.

Enter into our Plunge Room where your personalized cold and hot plunge pod will be ready for you to enjoy the full experience.

Post Plunge

Beauty or Beast, we have the tools for you.

At the end of your session enjoy the beauty bar and refresh your look to match your feeling. Drop your towels and spin your wet suit to get on your way back to life and play! Your House will take care of the rest.

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